• panapan
    $129.95 $106.99

    360 Freestyle Cordless Iron – Panasonic

    Lightweight cordless 360 Freestyle Iron by Panasonic comes in its own heat- resistant carrying case for easy traveling to quilt retreats or on trips! It has a detachable water tank, with a built-in, lifetime anti-calcium build-up cartridge, so you can use tap water. Iron heats up in 1 minute to maximum (392 degree) temperature, after removing from base, you have 2 1/2 minutes of ironing at set temp, before iron begins to cool.


  • mini2mini1
    $31.95 $25.59

    Clover Mini Iron

    Featuring an improved handle that’s easier to grip with better temperature controls, the redesigned Mini Iron is a must-have! Great for applique, paper crafting and more. Equipped with low and high temperature settings, the Mini Iron can handle all your projects!

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  • adaadap
    $39.95 $26.76

    Clover Mini Iron II “The Adapter”

    With new temperature controls and redesigned handle, the Mini Iron II is better than ever! The new slide-switch settings are convenient and easier to work with. Use the five special interchangeable tips for quilting, sewing and crafting, doll making and stenciling.                33% Off Retail

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  • Clover Mini Iron II Cooling Stand
    $20.95 $15.71

    Clover Mini Iron II Cooling Stand

    Does not include iron or tips. Cooling stand opens up into two sections. One to hold your iron while in use and to use as a cooling stand the top holds all your adapters keeping them conveniently nearby as you sew and craft.        

     25% Off   (Save $5.24)

  • tips1tips
    $67.95 $48.69

    Clover Mini Iron II w/ Assortment of Tips

    The New innovation MINI IRON II was designed to expand the creativity of every Crafter. This New Mini Iron II has special interchangeable tips that can be used for Sewing and Crafting and as one of your favorite Quilter Supplies. The MINI IRON II Adapter set has four adaptable tips perfect for doll making, stenciling, paper crafting, hard to reach corners and all your innovative ideas  

  • holder1holder
    $16.50 $12.78

    Craft & Mini Iron Combo Iron Holder

    Handy tool for crafters of all levels. This clever wooden tool will keep your hot irons from burning your work surface. You can rest your irons from either end and there is a ceramic title in the middle so the irons will not harm the holder.


  • steam2steam1
    $159.00 $104.59

    Digital Velocity Steam Iron 1800watt

    Digital Velocity doesn’t produce steam with the soleplate heat like traditional irons, but generates it within the iron, so you can adjust the stainless steel soleplate temperature to the exact fabric needs. Automatic shut off.

  • Iron Cleaner - Bohin
    $4.66 $3.79

    Iron Cleaner – Bohin

    Remove unwanted debris from your irons.

  • Oliso Ultra Precision Smart Iron
    $185.99 $129.99

    Oliso Ultra Precision Smart Iron

    Iron features include: Premium stainless steel soleplate with expanded steam holes; premium bead blast finish; optimized ITouch technology with extra-wide scorch guards for maximum stability; anti-drip; auto-lift.

  • Iron - Petite Press
    $49.20 $31.79

    Petite Press Mini-Iron – Dritz

    Portable mini iron for crafting, sewing, quilting when at home or when traveling. UL approved iron with digital control pad. Heats and holds four different temperature settings in seconds and Iron Head position is adjustable.

    Save $17.41   (35% OFF)

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  • iron
    $60.00 $45.89

    Rowenta – First Class Travel Iron

    This compact, high-performance iron excels at traditional ironing tasks with ease and is ideal for crafting, quilting and for use while traveling. Many features included make this a must have Iron in your list of supplies. Check-out all the features below in the Product Description.

    24% OFF  (save $14.11)

  • Shark Ultimate Steam 1600 Watt Iron
    $99.99 $69.99

    Shark Ultimate Steam 1600 Watt Iron

    This iron delivers maximum steam power and has an extra large soleplate with chrome skirt for uniform heat distribution and retention.

  • Steady Betty Ironing Board Cover Kit - Large colors 300wide
    $75.00 $56.29

    Steady Betty – Large Big Board Cover 59″ x 22″ 2 colors

    Like having a third hand when pressing any item, the Steady Betty is a precision built surface holds fabric down with little to no movement for a perfect press, making the tedious task of pressing much easier. Great for uniform, straight seams and holding bias strips. Machine washable in delicate cycle.

  • Xpressmat Pressing Mat 15in x 15in
    $7.99 $5.98

    Xpressmat Pressing Mat 15in x 15in

    The Xpressmat is printed on one side with a 12 in. x 12 in. grid and the reverse side is non-printed. Both sides are heat and scorch resistant. Perfect for classes and travel.

    25%  Off   (Save $2.01)


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